trex nagasta


Name: trex nagasta
Level: 4
Type: Mage
Class: wandering monk
Height: 5"7
Weight: 250bs.
Age: 34
Deity: Zenyada

Mage Guild Rank

Hit Points: 17(10 + 6 + 1 END)
Strength: 10
Intelligence: 12 (10 +1 stat + 1 class)
Dexterity: 12 (10 +1 stat + 1 class)
Endurance: 11 (10 + 1 class)
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 10
Movement Speed: 5
Armor Class: 14(1 dex and armor)


5 vials
3 with basilisk venom

Green locked vial to picture of new arlando

Gold: 20 gold, 73 silver

Cotten guards and outerliner-2ac
Moon mask-1ac
Can see in dark


Necklace of tranquility

Ethereal sword 1d4(negate armor and gain half max damage as health)

The staff of spheres-makes orbs for 1d4(unbreakable)


Racial Ability

Faster learner (cannot be upgraded)- Their ability level cap is raised by 1, and their skill point cap is raised by 2. Fully upgraded abilities(lvl 7) gain an additional bonus.

Character Abilities

Magic Missile (lvl 1) reaches targets up to 100ft. Player launches a magic missile at a target deal 1D4 damage

Multi Spell ( lvl 1)- The player may cast 1 additional spell per turn.

Orbs of tranquility (Level 2)-an orb is attached to an ally (within 50ft) of the player and within sight. When on an ally they gain 1D4 health for 1D4 turns at the start of their turn. When used on a target all allies deal an additional 1D4 damage for 1D4 turns. Can have 2 orbs out at a time.

Bonus Abilities

Morning after-can cure any hangover based on touching the person

Shadow Form- The player’s eyes go white and their skin turns grey. All healing abilities now do damage instead of health. Any shadow abilities previously activated before shadow form gain a 1D4 buff. Shadow form is dangerous and takes away 1 max HP to use. They may stay in shadow form for as long as they like, or until they go to sleep/rest/knocked out.

Deity Abilities

Devine Touch (lvl 3) When the player places their hand on anyone. They attempt to heal any sickness within them. If they choose to they can also bless their soul to have their Deiry watch over it during their passing. Their souls cannot be traded or used for necromancy when blessed. If the player makes contact with their heads they can attempt to break any charm/psionic control over them.

Conservation (lvl 3) The player puts their hands on the ground and pillars of light begin to erupt. Any targets caught within the 9×9 blast take 2D8 damage. Allys caught within the blast heal instead. This can only be used once in between rests and this is the only attack that can be done this turn.

Dark Orb (lvl 3) The player takes a chaos orb and charges it. The next turn it deals 1D10 damage within a 2×2 AOE. Instead of throwing it they can choose to consume it and charge it within themselves. This takes 1 major action. For every full turn the orb is charged gain 1D10 damage and 1×1 radius. (Max 3 turns). If held for the max amount of turns anyone hit must do an END save to not go crazy for 1D4 + 1 turns.

Tranquility (lvl 3) When facing an enraged target, or an noncompliant NPC the player rolls to attempt to calm/persuade the target. When rolling add both their INT and CHR mods to the roll. The target gets an INT check to notice the spell, if they do they add their INT and their END mod to resist. For 1D4 turns they will believe the player is an ally and never lie to them. In combat they can defend/ignore the player.


trex nagasta

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