Character Player- Brian


Name: Striker
Level: 4
Typing: Zero
Class: Historian
Height: 5’8
Weight: 166 lbs
Age: 24
Deity: Auril, The Frost Maiden


Hit Points- 14 10 + 4(level) +1 hp per lvl

Strength- 10

Dexterity- 15 10 + 5(Typing)

Intelligence- 15 10 + 5(Class) +

wisdom- 12 10 + 2(level)

Endurance- 11 10 + 1(NP)

Charisma- 10

Armor Class- 18 15 + 3(Equips)


Gold- 2 Gold, 10 silver

Basic Travelers gear (Rations: 5hp(5), water pouch 8 oz(3), bed roll, rope)


Elixir Crockpot

Pen and Notebook

Health Potions- (10)

Herbalism kit (5)

Crossbow Bolts- (20)


2 One-handed Crossbows- 1d8 dmg Can fire both in 1 major action. Takes 1 major to reload each one individually. (Minor reload if player has a free hand.)

Dagger- 1d4 dmg

Hide vest- + 1 AC

Leather duster + 1 AC

Leather shoulder pads- + 1 AC

Hookshot 1D8 dmg (50ft range) beat AC by 5 to impale objects/targets.


Alchemy (Level 1)- Gain an additional potion/elixer when using Kits for their base use.

Bonus Abilities

Know It All- Gain a + 2 on checks related to anything older then 100 years old.

Zero, Alistar’s Bloodline-These are people born with no abilities. They gain a bonus + 10 base stat points(1 stat cannot exceed 15). They are also the only typing to gain a subclass. When they hit level 15 they are allowed to take on another class and gain half of their bonuses.

Absorb (lvl 1)- Any zero can absorb magical blasts and use a portion of the magic for themselves. Player gains bonuses to their stats depending on what type of magic they were hit with, and the severity of the blow.

Deity Abilities

Maiden’s Kiss The player is immune to cold weather and takes no cold damage. The player is now cold to the touch. once every 24hrs the player can attempt to freeze 1 person/object. takes 3 turns to fully freeze. They remain frozen for 1 full round.

A simple life, his family was the village farmers giving him a more secluded life from most of the other children. Besides working the farm, all he had was a couple of cheap games and a wide collection of historical books. The collection is from generations of collecting due to the increase in value the books would gain over time. The family would trade crops in exchange for these books as often as they could. Striker would stumble upon them in the attic and instantly become glued to the texts. Eventually, all the books were studied leaving a strong thirst for more knowledge. On the day that Striker turned 15, he would become a man in the eyes of his village and set off to go learn everything about the world and it’s history. Traveling to view every library and trade information with fellow historians. He keeps a pen and notebook to record his adventures to expand on the history of the world. Through reading, he would soon find out he was very intrigued by the teachings of alchemy throughout the past. Rogues would also become a liking but not through reading. While traveling into a town he hasn’t heard of, officers halted and bullied Striker. Just then, stealthy maneuvers from a group of rogues like smoke screens, arrow shots, and dagger wielding, saved him from anymore punishment. He didn’t get to learn who they are or where they came from. With no information other then the black and gold skull symbol on their dark clothing, he knew he needed to learn more about rogues and their weapons slowly adapted some of that to help keep him out of harms way.


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