Level 1

Arrows: 5 Silver

Bolts: 15 Silver

Bullets: 35 Silver

Lock pick Set (Breaks after 1 use. Allows user to attempt to unlock a lock without the necessary skill.): 10 Silver

First Aid(Heals 10 HP): 50 Silver

Flare Level 1(summons 1D4 NPC's to help fight.): 1 Gold

Sleepless potion (User cannot fall asleep for 48 hrs. While under the potions influence they are immune to any natural fatigue and sleep magic.): 2 Gold

Stink Bomb(people and animals stay away from the affected 3×3 area. Anyone caught within the blast must make an END check. if unsuccessful they become sick and are flatfooted for as long as they remain within the area. The smell remains on field for 2 turns.): 2 Gold

Level 1

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