The Endless War

DR. Tanner's Assesment

Your mages were adequate. They causally allowed my two friends to be apart of the same deal that we had struck. If it wasn't for the carriage breaking down in the swamp the trip might have went without a hitch. As we started walking through the salty desert one of them passed out. Durago took it upon himself to carry his ally as Baddon too the lead. Due to no carriage and one of the mages being unconscious, it took longer then expected to walk across. About half way through the desert we were attacked by sand grubs.

There were 3 total. Durago soloed 1 grub while keeping the unconscious mage safe. Baddon, myself, and my two associates focused on the other 2. The sounds of battle woke up the unconscious mage, and he began to fight with us. We eventually whittled them down and made it out with all our lives and no mortal wounds.  

When we reached the edge of the red mountain we could see Redwall up in the distance. We reached the elevator only to find that it was jammed about a quarter of the way up. Baddon gracefully climbed the mountain and fixed it. The other two mages followed but had difficulties making it up without the red clay crumbling under their hands. They sent the elevator down for the rest of us. From there reaching Redwall was left up to us. 

Although all 3 had their moments it is in my opinion that Durago showed the most promise. His willingness to help the team and his determination to climb the mountain surprised me.


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