The world is a cruel place. We drove it to extinction. Greed is a powerful sin. It has drove man blind to their own self destruction. the 4 kings did not see the revolution coming. The wild king Nyte couldn't take the onslaught of powers that arrived at his kingdom door. The revolution turned into a bloody war. Although Lazarus can never be killed he was captured and sealed away. His tombs location was only known by 4 people. Each of them would up dead soon after his capture. The 2 remaining kings decided that a world with this much power is doomed from the start.

They came up with a plan that they believed would bring balance to their country. Alistar overloaded the generators that kept the counties electricity flowing. This caused for the underground power lines to explode in random areas where the abundance of electricity was too much. forests, towns, country sides burned to ash. Many of the revolutionaries camps were caught in the fires. Dwindling their numbers down. The kingdom of Candor remained loyal to their queen. She was able to gather her kingdoms strongest mages together to create the Cornu-Deos.

The Cornu-Deos allowed Starr to speak to those who gave them magic. The barrier that existed between the two realms were weakened. The realm of deities was discovered. Beings of such immense power that they can alter the reality of other plains. their power is so immense that they cannot materialize into our realm. The energy needed to sustain their form would deplete most of the worlds natural resources. Starr begged for a miracle. Blaming them for the destruction that has plagued their world since the awakening. Taken back by everything that has happened the deities grant Starr's wish. Starr must choose 4 families. Only their bloodline will pass down powers. In return the deities ask for the Cornu-deos to be destroyed. If it were to ever be used again the barrier between realms could shatter.  With it gone millions of humans lost their powers all at once. 

It has been 1,000 years since the revolution has come to an end. Life has moved on. Their are schools specifically made for those born with powers. The deities have been known to grant miracles for those who have served them.  

The Endless War

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